Sweet Dreams


Discover the wide range of Sweet Dreams products available online at discount prices. KD beds offer the very best in Sweet Dreams beds and Sweet Dreams mattresses at very cheap prices.

Sweet Dreams know price is critical, and they eagerly source the most cost-effective supplies. All components, from cover to filling, are carefully assessed to ensure one element doesn't push a price beyond what a bed's specification demands. In partnership with kdbeds Sweets Dreams have created a catalogue of exceptional products offering amazing value for money.

Sweet Dreams believe that the key to their success is their philosophy to in – house manufacturing of their products. They have always made their divan beds where they are based in Lancashire and now even make the majority of their upholstered bedsteads there too.

Sweet Dreams appreciate the fact that most people have a budget to stick to when they are decorating their home which is why they always source the most cost effective supplies. Everything that goes into their beds from the cover to the filling is carefully assessed in order to ensure that one element doesn't push the price beyond what one would expect to pay for a bed.

Another thing that Sweet Dreams pride themselves on is the quality of the products that they offer. One of the ways they maintain this is rather than spending money on consumer branding, they use this money on point – of – sale which is a direct benefit to their retail stockists.

If you have any questions about Sweet Dreams products or would like to take a look at the range of products that they have to offer, you can either take a look on the KD Beds website or phone them directly where someone will always be happy to give you any advice.