Divan Beds


A divan bed is designed to maximise cushioning and support. It consists of a mattress supported upon a divan base and at KD Beds we are able to offer a full range of divan beds, in single size, double as well as the now popular King size divan bed. Cheap divans are normally of the open spring type which offers affordability and, of course, outstanding comfort. Further into the price range the open pocket divan beds support every contour of your body for extra support and comfort.

The pocket spring divan bed is perfect if there is a significant variation in weight or size between you and your partner. Memory foam and latex divan mattresses moulds to the contours of your body giving you extra comfort and support and you don't have to turn the mattress!

Browse through our range of divan beds, we are confident that you will find one that not only suits your pocket, but will guarantee a good night's sleep too.