4ft 6in Double Beds


A question that is often asked is, "can we have a standard double bed please?" Well firstly we don't believe there is such a thing, because firstly a double bed can be different in size, traditionally these are a 4 foot double bed or a 4 foot 6 inch double bed, the choice is yours. At KD Beds we can offer double beds in both of these sizes, but many are now choosing king size beds or the luxury super king size bed. With any of these you can choose from the popular divan set, or if you prefer a bedstead with a separate Mattress. These are available in metal, wood or fabric, and will take any standard size mattress, and are a great way to sleep in style. For many the ultimate in a luxury double bed is the electrically adjustable double bed and at KD Beds we have a wide range of electrically adjustable beds, offering comfort and support at the touch of a button.